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Sharina Mukhallat Dhanel Oudh Rasasi Attar 30ML



Sharina Mukhallat Dhanel Oudh 30ML Rasasi:

Sharina Mukhallat Dhanel Oudh 30ML Rasasi, is a fine blend of the choicest floral and oriental alchemy. A delicate luxurious woody floral musk, this concentrated perfume epitomises elegance and timeless appeal. The rich legacy ingredients give this perfume a very classical and vintage appeal that is highly appreciated by the patrons of fine taste and luxury.

The intense floral inflections perfume the soft, smooth and lingering sandalwood while patchouli enhances its sweet, dark earthy, woody edge. Saffron inflects a bittersweet, leathery soft and intimate elegant note, while civet’s pungent essence gives an amazing radiance and warmth to the opening floral bouquet.

Honey and amber seduce the animalist musk to a heady aura of an exquisite and exotic oriental garden in bloom.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Rose, geranium, sandalwood, patchouli and valeriana.
  • Saffron, civet, olibanum, casteroum and costus.
  • Amber, musk, leathery, woody and floral notes.
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